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Air Pilots Manual 3 - Air Navigation

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Air Pilots Manual 3 - Air Navigation

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Air Pilots Manual 3 - Air Navigation


Volume 3 of The Air Pilot’s Manual – Air Navigation – presents this important area of training for the Private Pilot’s Licence in a logical sequence of theory, preparation and performance. The Cockpit is a difficult environment in which to learn as with the other volumes of The Air Pilot’s Manual, in Air Navigation we have avoided the presentation of ‘facts only’. A thorough understanding of the principles will enable you to gain maximum benefit from your actual navigation exercise flights. This approach will enable you to become a competent pilot/navigator and will also help to minimise your flight training hours. (It does, however, mean that our book is a little longer than it could be if the aim was only to cram in facts without a reasonable understanding.) In determining the order in which the information is presented, care has been taken to keep things as logical and practical as possible.


• Basic Navigation Theory
• Pre-Flight Planning
• En-route Navigation
• En-route Navigation with Radio Navigation Aids "NAVAIDS"
• Practice Questions after each Section

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