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AeroShell W80 Plus Oil

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AeroShell W80 Plus Oil

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AeroShell W80 Plus Oil - 0,946 Liter

AeroShell W80 Plus is a single grade aircraft oil with anti-corrosion and anti-wear additive package developed for use in colder months.

AeroShell W80 Plus is a single grade aircraft oil with anti-corrosion and anti-wear additive package developed for use in colder months.

Building on the success of AeroShell Oil W 100 Plus, AeroShell W 80 Plus introduces the anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives of its "big brother" in a lighter, single grade oil for use in colder climates. The anti-wear additive, equivalent to the Lycoming LW16702, reduces wear on start up by forming a microscopic layer on the engine's moving parts to prevent metal-to-metal contact when there is little oil present.

Combined with the protection of a corrosion inhibitor, it's designed for those pilots who fly in cooler weather or less frequently.

AeroShell Oil W 80 Plus is the new cold-weather product for those pilots who prefer single grade oils but who also want the extra protection that performance-proven anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives can

Aeroshell W80 Plus Benefits:

Superior Rust and corrosion protection giving that extra protection to engine parts that may be susceptible to extreme rusting when an aircraft is not in use.

Improved anti-wear characteristics particularly at engine start-up and eliminates the need for supplemental additives required by certain Lycoming engines.

AeroShell Oil W100 Plus and W80 Plus already contain the Lycoming additive LW 16702 in the correct proportions and meets Lycoming requirements as well as the US Federal Aviation Authority Airworthiness directive 80-04-03.

Promotes Engine Cleanness. The non-ash forming, polymeric additive was developed to eliminate the harmful combustion chamber and spark plug deposits that form during normal operation.

High Viscosity Index Base Oils used in AeroShell W oils maintain their viscosity and protect engine components more effectively under the high shear stresses that an engine places on lubricants.

Provides Compatibility with other approved aircraft piston engine oils. Mixing with other products, however will result in some loss of the superior performance features of AeroShell Oil W100 Plus and W80 Plus.

Specifications and Approvals

- Lycoming Service Bulletin 446C and 471, plus Service Instruction 1409A
- MIL-L-22851(obsolete)
- SAE J 1899
- Continental recommended
- FAA Airworthiness Directive 80-04-03

AeroShell W100 Plus and W80 Plus are the only single grade oils blended with this antiwear additive technology. That means that owners of Lycoming model engines, specified in the applicable service bulletin, don't have to add any supplemental additives to the oil. AeroShell Oil W100 Plus and W80 Plus can be used in any certified engine, this includes:
Lycoming; Continental; Pratt & Whitney radial and most radical, opposed or in-line engines.

Aeroshell W80 Plus is not recommended for the breaking in of a new aircraft engines.

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